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“Six-University Coordinative Service Learning Program at the Rural Communities in Japan and Indonesia

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Our project aim is to train Glocal-Minded ‘Servant Leaders’ who, will contribute to the sustainability for our future society mainly by supporting rural communities which play an important role in primary industries.

The program is managed under the collaboration of six universities, Ehime Univ., Kagawa Univ., Kochi. Univ. in Japan and Bogor Agricultural Univ., Gadjah Mada, Hasanuddin Univ. in Indonesia.

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Education Programs
  • Service Learning Program (SLP) for undergraduate students;
    • Purpose: Train international ‘servant leaders’, who will accomplish the above purpose in a regional scale.
    • Methods: Living together in a local community for 3 weeks and making efforts to carry out the purpose above.
  • Joint Degree Programs (JDP) for post-graduate students of master’s courses, and doctoral courses;
    • Purpose: Train international talent, who will accomplish the above purpose in the global and regional scales.
    • Methods: Course work and research work under the direction of supervisors of both the home and the host universities.